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Camp Pendleton for the 67th Anniversary of the Inchon Landing file

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Pictured above: Col Bill Spittler, USMC (Ret.), Michael Holzbeierlein / Marine House USA, Robin Hutton (Author of Sgt. Reckless), and Col Chris Dowling

9-15-2017 at Camp Pendleton for the 67th Anniversary of the Inchon Landing. file

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Pictured above are: Kwang Woo Kim (Executive Director Ministry of Patriots and Veterans Affairs, ROK), Major General William C. Groeniger III (USMC Retired), Yong Chu Park (Chairman/Founder Marine ...

Inchon Pamphlet file

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Korea Marine First Division file

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Veterans of the Korean War file

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Brigadier General Daniel D. Yoo file

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Lieutenant General David Berger file

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Col, Kenneth Kassner file

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The 6th ROK CMC Gong Jeong Sik file

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Korea Marine Camp file

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Korean Marine Camps file

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Korean Marine Commander Lee Sang Rok file

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Korean Marine commander lee sang hoon file

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gyeonggi.2013 file

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k file

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k file

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gyeonggido 2013 file

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Western Front (Outpost Wars) Photos file [1]

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West Side of Panmunjom Corridor: Alex Pavlin on OP Vegas Apr 1953: Machine Gun Bunker on OP Vegas: Sgt James Shriver At Hq 3rd MAW K1 Korea Oct 1953: BUNKER HILL 1952 MLR Apr 1953 ...

Major General Bailey, the Korean Consulate, & Chairman Park file [1088]

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Submitted by MW

Korean War Veterans and Lunch with the Korean Consulate file [1178]

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